What is body sugaring

Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal, a manual technique that has been practiced for over a thousand years by Egyptian women. It uses a pliable paste made from three key ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. As it is applied and removed by hand, we don't use excess sticks, strips, or spatulas. Therefore, we're able to minimize the impact hair removal has on the environment.

Benefits of Sugaring

  • Sugar pastes are water-soluble, you can wash them off with warm water and the paste cannot adhere to live skin cells ensuring the skin does not lift. You will leave your appointment clean and smooth, no stickiness.

  • Sugaring is less abrasive than waxing because it cannot adhere to your top layer of skin. The discomfort with sugaring is brief, like removing a band aid, and once the service is completed there is no lingering pain or irritation.

  • Bacteria cannot breed or survive in the sugar paste.

  • Sugar is only heated to room temperature so there is no chance of burning.

  • People with skin sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis can be sugared.

  • Sugaring is safe during all stages of pregnancy

  • Sugar is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

  • Sugaring prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs by removing dead skin, and the hair correctly from the follicle.

  • Sugar is gentle enough to go over the same area more than once

  • Our favourite part about body sugaring? Eventually the hair follicle depletes leading to hair becoming thinner and less dense producing a reduction in hair growth each time.

  • Sounds pretty sweet to us.

Client Preparation

  • For your first visit, we recommend at least two weeks of hair growth on all body parts excluding legs. For leg sugaring we recommend at least three weeks of hair growth to achieve the best results. For optimal results hair should be no shorter than the length of a grain of rice.

  • Do not exfoliate the day before, or of, your sugaring service.

  • Avoid wearing perfume, lotion or deodorant on the area to be sugared the day of service.

  • If you would like to apply numbing cream, please do so an hour and a half before your appointment so it has time to take effect.

  • Please do not trim the hair before your service, if needed your practitioner will do this.

  • For male back and chest services please bring a clean white t-shirt with you.

Aftercare Instructions

  • No tanning, exercising or hot tubs for 24 hours following your treatment.

  • The area may be temporarily red and sensitive for a few hours following the service. This reaction is normal and most commonly disappears within a few hours.

  • Do not exfoliate for 48 hours following treatment. After 48 hours make sure to exfoliate at least 3x a week to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs and ensure your skin stays smooth and soft.

  • Our preferred method of exfoliation is dry brushing although exfoliating gloves and loofahs work as well. Exfoliation is essential for legs, brazilian and underarms services.

  • Apply lotion after exfoliating to hydrate the skin.