About Us


Sara Pauli is an accredited esthetician that has been in the industry for over 12 years, graduating from Elegance Schools in 2006. Working at well-established spas, Sara gained the experience and knowledge needed to become the best. In 2009 she learned the art of body sugaring® at Jude’s Spa and found that her skills were unmatched. Sara dedicated her time to perfecting sugaring and providing her clients with unparalleled services. Her friendly, caring and professional manner helped build her extensive client base. Her passion, and commitment to her clients lead her to open Sugarbush Spa in 2013, which continues to provide the best services in the industry. Sugarbush Spa is proud to specialize and exclusively offer body sugaring services.

While working in the industry Sara started to notice the inconsistencies and problems involving the sugar paste. Her devotion to being the best led her to contact Western University to try and solve these issues. Working closely with Dr. Michael Kerr and intern Joanne Curiel Tejeda, they researched and started experimenting with all things sugar. After months of trial and error, they developed the most superior sugar paste on the market. Sara started Sugar & Co® with a desire to provide, not only top quality products, but to educate and train practitioners so that they have the knowledge and tools to be a success.