Does it hurt?

If you have been shaving, the first treatment is the worst due to the fact that the bulb at the base of the hair shaft is enlarged. On your second appointment the pain is diminished in half. The more treatments you receive, the weaker the roots get and the easier it is to remove the hair. While skin sensitivity varies, please remember that we are still removing hair from the skin. Most people experience a slight tingling sensation but once the service is complete there is no lingering irritation.

How many treatments until the hair growth diminishes?

You will notice a decrease in your hair after your visit first. The hair comes back thinner and much less dense. This varies on an individual basis and depends on your skin and hair type. We recommended services every 4-6 weeks.

how do i avoid in-grown hairs?

To prevent in-growns, you should exfoliate a minimum of 3x per week. Exfoliation is key to preventing and eliminating in-grown hairs. We recommend using a dry brush or exfoliating gloves. Ask your practitioner for suggestions to suit your personal needs.

For best results, clients should have a minimum of 2 weeks of hair growth to ensure optimal results. For legs, we recommend 3 weeks of growth. For reference hair should be no shorter than the length of a grain of rice.

How long does the hair have to be?

Yes! We’re comfortable with it if you are, just remember, you are more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

Can I be sugared on my period?